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Environmental Statement

Recognising the importance of the preservation of our natural environment is of fundamental importance to Belgravia Leisure management and staff.

As we go about operating our business we are conscious of our impact on the environment and our communities. We understand that being environmentally responsible makes good business sense and it’s important to our customers, communities, business partners and our staff. We know that Australian business plays a key part in helping manage climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Belgravia Leisure is exploring ways to protect the environment and investing in important environmental projects and partnerships to reduce our environmental impact. The Belgravia Group is focusing on waste minimisation, recycling, and reduced corporate travel, and the group is investigating opportunities to become more energy-efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water across our sites.

We have undertaken a commitment to deal with Supplier Companies that have a similar ethos on the environment and evaluate quotes and procurement decisions with environmental consideration. This is supported by our procurement policies and guidelines.

The Belgravia Group makes every effort to ensure that our Environmental Performance is as important as other key performance indicators within our business by ensuring that our systems, policies, and processes all support sustainable practices.

How does Belgravia Leisure “do” sustainability?

A number of initiatives have been undertaken to ensure Belgravia Leisure is leading the way for leisure and recreation management companies in this area.

To date Belgravia Leisure has:

  1. Developed a five-year sustainability plan with ten key objectives. The first 5-year plan was developed in 2019 and this plan was updated in 2021 as a number of objectives were completed early.
  2. Designed and implemented a sustainability audit for all our managed sites to complete. This enables Belgravia Leisure to actively measure and manage key environmental initiatives.
  3. Removed from use all plastic straws, plastic cutlery and plastic bags effective from August 2019.
  4. All white paper used at sites is planet friendly and has high environmental credentials. Paper consumption is also measured and monitored with paper reductions targeted.
  5. Belgravia Leisure has made a commitment to deal with supplier companies that have a similar ethos with respect to the environment. Belgravia Leisure evaluates quotes and procurement decisions with environmental consideration. This is supported by our procurement policy and can be demonstrated with case studies.
  6. Introduced in-house environmental training programs for managers to create a greater awareness of environmental issues and develop ways to address such issues. This includes one on one sustainability training.
  7. Instigated the Green Team which are environmental representatives across the entire Belgravia Leisure team who share environmental good news stories, case studies and new initiatives.
  8. Reduce carbon emissions through reduced corporate travel. Corporate travel carbon emissions are managed and measured monthly.

Belgravia Leisure makes every effort to ensure that our Environmental Performance is as important as other key performance indicators within our business by ensuring that our systems, policies, processes all support sustainable practices.

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