How Social Value Is Generated

Belgravia Leisure has worked with local governments for decades to connect communities to physical activity, increasing the health, happiness, and well-being of members and guests who visit our centres.

Much more is done in the background, however, to ensure we add value to communities, through programs like Access and Inclusion and Take Charge! These programs reach members of the community who are often isolated, or unable to access our centres either through various economic and personal circumstances.

Using the power of data and business intelligence, we can evaluate the economic benefits of a fit and healthy community using analysis known as ‘social value’. Social value shows the positive economic outcomes of programs like Learn to Swim and Group Social Activity, in the number of prevented drowning deaths and the wellbeing of the aging population who access programs in our centres.

Research shows:

  • Evidence confirms regular participation in physical activity creates improved individual and community outcomes associated with health, social connection, and community engagement
  • Aquatic, sport and fitness activities (leisure) are engaged in by most people, increasingly in non-traditional ways
  • Lower participation in leisure occurs among people with disability, cultural and linguistically diverse groups, the elderly, the poor, and Indigenous groups
  • Governments through legislation, policy and practice initiatives seek to promote equitable community access and inclusion to those life experiences sought by all – in key areas including family, community, work, education, and leisure
  • Increasingly, local governments are outsourcing the operation of leisure services and facilities.

Be Active 2018 Erin

Belgravia Leisure Access & Inclusion

A program designed to provide access to exercise for the most isolated in our communities. Highlights of the program include:

  • Inclusion of people with a disability, of diversity and who experience disadvantage into the facilities, programs, and services operated by Belgravia Leisure is a strategic priority
  • National and local staff roles support the strategy through a community engagement process that fosters partnership, aids identification of local leisure-related needs and guides program access and innovation
  • Embraces an evidence-based practice approach that enables the collection of outcome data that facilitates continuous improvement, sustainability, and business success
  • Adheres to the ‘7 Pillars of Inclusion’ and the ‘Principles of Universal Design’
  • Actively seeks partnerships leading to collaboration, sharing and efficient use of limited resources, and multiple ways to implement practice innovation to create meaningful change for those experiencing inequitable access and inclusion in leisure.