Our Values

Our strong values are fundamental to the success of our businesses, carried from our board through to frontline staff in our centres and across our 5000+ strong workforce.

Belgravia Leisure not only commits to improving the health and well-being of the millions of people who visit our centres throughout the year, but we also invest in opportunities to improve services and infrastructure using our own capital, whether that’s a financial or human investment.

Our values were fundamental in launching Belgravia Foundation in 2018 and Belgravia Foundation Aotearoa in 2022. Charitable ventures that are designed to increase opportunity for the most disadvantaged in our communities.

These core principles are why we are best-of-breed in the asset management industry in Australia. This is why we manage some of Australia and New Zealand’s most important infrastructure. We are a silent partner with a powerful vision and energy to deliver beneficial outcomes for the individual, business, community and government.

  • CUSTOMER-FOCUSED – the customer is at the centre of everything we do.
  • LEADERSHIP – our passionate people are our greatest asset. We lead by example, displaying our integrity at all times.
  • EXCELLENCE – we strive for excellence in our service delivery
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – when we make a promise, we keep it!
  • RESULTS – we accept responsibility for delivering results for our clients and customers.

 Our Approach

Belgravia Leisure strives to connect ALL in the community to leisure. Staff are the critical feature of this purpose, and underpin successful programs and services for people with a disability, of diversity and who experience disadvantage.

The strong support by leaders in national, state, area and venue roles is imperative. The people who actively support the concept, resource the roles, negotiate challenges and promote the strategy to those with whom they work and lead.

At the local level, evidence shows that an approach whereby a local champion provides local leadership, drive and commitment is an essential element of successful innovation of access for all and inclusion initiatives.

Recognising this, Belgravia Leisure has:

  • Prioritised inclusion of people with a disability, of diversity and who experience disadvantage into the facilities, programs and services in venues it manages;
  • Created the role of National Disability and Diversity Manager, a position funded internally, and the first national-level position of this type in the leisure services management industry;
  • Commenced national roll-out of a strategy designed to improve inclusion of people with a disability and of diversity in the facilities, programs and services offered in the venues under management;
  • Created an Inclusion Coordinator position to be the local champion in each of the venues open year round in which the national roll-out has occurred;
  • Adopted an approach that supports community engagement and community development, and prioritises collaboration and cooperation with the government, local organisations, families and people with a disability, of diversity or who experience disadvantage to identify the needs, preferences and priorities of these groups;
  • Embraced a ‘continuous improvement’ approach that includes the collection of evidence-related outcome to programs and services, which in turn forms the basis for service delivery (practice) and sustainability; and
  • Created pathways to participation in existing programs, making modifications as necessary, and create new programs and services when those existing do not meet the leisure-related needs, preferences and priorities of people with a disability, of diversity or who experience disadvantage.

To learn more about the approach being taken by Belgravia Leisure toward social inclusion, click below.

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