Why Choose Belgravia Leisure?

Starting from humble roots, our core areas of business and facilities stewardship include health clubs, wellness and spa, accommodation, caravan and campsites, golf, aquatic and sporting venues in 165 locations across Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to partner with 40+ Local Government and State Government authorities.

With $2 billion of assets under our management and a 2017-18 turnover of over $140 million, Belgravia Leisure has the expertise and capability to:

  • Invest financially in capital assets that help foster healthy and active local communities.
  • Manage facilities with an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable approach.
  • Align marketing and communications strategically to support client branding and positioning its facilities
    among local and broader audiences
  • Engage the community to deliver responsive, innovative and vibrant centres
  • Recruit and retain a local workforce that facilitates a positive customer experience for every user at any
    stage of their health and fitness journey

We Deliver

  • An industry leading quality management system based on ISO 9001: 2008
  • Our unique environmental plan and environmental action kit
  • Extensive asset management and maintenance systems
  • Business and marketing plans that support client goals
  • A team of operations managers who lead, mentor, monitor and support frontline staff
  • Specialist human resource, risk management, financial management, IT and graphic design services
  • Robust financial and operational reporting on a monthly basis

How can we help you today?

Contact Belgravia Leisure to find out more about business opportunities, general enquiries, career opportunities or feedback.