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In response to the Australian government’s expansion of its Telehealth program, Belgravia Leisure’s allied health professionals (Accredited Exercise Physiologists) can now provide online health care to many people who previously have been ineligible to receive this service. Accredited Exercise Physiologists specialise in using exercise to treat a range of health issues.

If you are living with an ongoing health condition like back problems, mental health concerns, obesity, cancer, heart problems and many other illnesses, you may qualify for free health care when approved by your local doctor.

If you are already funded by one of the schemes below, or are a private patient, our team are available to help with your health needs by providing care through Telehealth.

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     Frequently Asked Questions

    To learn more about the Telehealth service, please see FAQs below:

    What is Telehealth?

    Telehealth is the use of technology to provide health care when a health clinician and a patient cannot be in the same place together. Telehealth can be provided through videoconferencing, telephone, email and the use of the internet. Often, it involves a combination of these methods.

    Health services have been available through Telehealth to people living in rural and remote locations.  Due to social isolation rules now in place throughout Australia, Telehealth availability has been expanded to be available for many health services throughout Australia.

    Why is it being offered?

    Through Telehealth, exercise physiology treatment can be provided to help with your health. The service will provide you with appointments with an Exercise Physiologist, and typical activities include exercise prescription, treatment, review, reporting and helpful videos to guide your exercise activity.

    Does Telehealth work?

    Research has shown that when delivered by a clinician, patients can gain benefits equal to that achieved through face-to-face treatment. Telehealth supports improved continuity of care when a patient is unable to meet in person with a clinician.

    What equipment do I need?

    An email account, access to the internet, and a smart phone or computer device.

    To do your exercises at home, your Exercise Physiologist will design your treatment to use equipment typically found in your home.

    I’m not good using computers, how could I do Telehealth?

    Your Exercise Physiologist will guide you through how to get started with Telehealth, as well as what exercises to do to help improve your health.

    Who is providing the service?

    Belgravia Leisure will provide the service.  Belgravia Leisure employs Exercise Physiologists that work in community health clubs located in leisure centres throughout Australia. Each of these Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals, having completed approved training to become registered with the Australian government and professional body (Exercise and Sport Science Australia), and have the required insurance as a health care provider.

    Who is paying for the service?

    Often, Exercise Physiology is paid for by a government scheme. At the time this FAQ was developed, Medicare, WorkSafe, WorkCover, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the National Disability Insurance Scheme were supporting Telehealth provision of health services they fund. Other schemes may do the same, so please check with you Exercise Physiologist.

    Some private health insurers have decided to fund Telehealth services for members, but as this may change, please check with you Exercise Physiologist.

    Individuals can pay themselves for health service provided by an Exercise Physiologist.

    How much does it cost?

    When funded by a government scheme, each scheme sets the cost for each health service and this is the amount paid to Belgravia Leisure. There is no out-of-pocket cost for patients funded through government schemes.

    Check with your private health insurer to find out if Telehealth funding, in full or part, is available to you.

    When an individual chooses to pay personally for health care provided by an Exercise Physiologist, the cost of the first 60-minute session is $80, and thereafter the cost of each 30-minute session is $60.

    How do I access Exercise Physiology Telehealth?

    Contact us at to tell us about your needs and circumstances, and our trained support workers will explain to you how you can access Exercise Physiology Telehealth. 

    What happens when the Covid-19 crisis is over?

    The Australian Government has approved the expansion of Telehealth to throughout Australia until September 30, 2020.

    After that time, Exercise Physiology access via Telehealth may change, and you can find out about this by speaking with you Exercise Physiologist.

    When social distancing rules are changed and people can attend their local Health Club, you can continue treatment from your Exercise Physiologist at that venue.

    Belgravia Leisure plans to provide Exercise Physiology Telehealth after the Covid-19 crisis is over in places where the Australian government will permit.

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