Our Purpose To Connect With Our Community

The customer is at the heart of everything we do, whether that’s the 180 facility owners in Australia and New Zealand who trust us to manage their assets, or the millions of people who visit our centres, our golf courses, our stadiums, venues and retreats throughout the year.

Working together with our communities plays a critical role in creating positive social impact.

We partner with governments, government agencies and private enterprise to support their strategic goals for the communities in which they work. Equally, we collaborate at a grassroots level; with community groups, schools, community health providers and advocates for some of the most vulnerable communities, to build social capital and to make a difference.

How do we do this? We do this by engaging consumers at all levels of planning and service delivery, by helping community and volunteer groups with compliance and identifying funding opportunities for projects that make a positive impact.

Creating Positive Social Impact

Belgravia Leisure, together with their business intelligence specialist partner ActiveXchange, is championing the application of big data and up to date market intelligence in order to identify and engage individuals across local communities that have health concerns, caused primarily through inactive lifestyles. Through intelligence-led interventions there is a significant opportunity to create significant economic savings nationwide.

ActiveXchange’s core focus is on understanding why one person is more likely to be active than another, at any point in time and why one program or facility is better at supporting this activity. Our team, alongside strategic sector partners, put millions of participant records behind answering these fundamental questions and translating the intelligence to local contexts. A first for the sector.

Additionally, we invest in capital projects alongside governments, to maximise the community benefit. In fact, Belgravia Leisure has invested more than $6 million in infrastructure and equipment upgrades at Australian Local and State Government facilities in the past five years.

How can we help you today?

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