Environmental Statement

Understanding the importance of the preservation of our natural environment is of fundamental importance to Belgravia Leisure management and staff.

A number of initiatives have been undertaken to ensure we are leading the way for leisure and recreation management companies in this area.

To date Belgravia Leisure have:

  1. Developed a five year sustainability plan with four key pillars to ensure our success. Through the use of Greener Technologies, Behavioural changes, Finance/Commercial improvements and Consumption Management we will ensure we reach our environmental targets.
  2. Undertaken sustainability audits in all of our managed sites.
  3. Committed to reducing our water, paper and energy consumption with set targets.
  4. Undertaken a commitment to deal with Supplier Companies that have a similar ethos on the environment and evaluate quotes and procurement decisions with environmental consideration. This is supported by our procurement policy.
  5. Introduced in-house environmental training programs for all employees to create a greater awareness of environmental issues, and develop ways to address such issues;
  6. Implemented an environmental risk management process for all sites and special projects.
  7. Instigated the Green Team which are enviro representatives across the entire Belgravia Leisure team who share environmental good news stories, case studies and new initiatives.
  8. From July 2019 our Belgravia managed sites have not had disposable cutlery, disposable plastic bags or plastic straws.

Belgravia Leisure make every effort to ensure that our Environmental Performance is as important as other key performance indicators within our business by ensuring that our systems, policies, process all support sustainable practices.